Beginning Something New

A short time ago, I decided to once again volunteer as a canine foster mom for rescue dogs. There are some wonderful organizations and people who are devoted to rescuing and re-homing animals and one of them is VIP Rescue of Central Florida. Three years ago I fostered a very sick toy poodle for VIP. She recovered and became what is commonly known as a “failed foster.” That means I adopted her myself.

Last week I called Pam Pearson, the director at VIP and told her that I was ready to get back into fostering. She brought me LEO, a 2 year old mix.

This is going to be an adventure, not only for me, but for my own 2 dogs, Percy and Skylar. Percy is a 7 year old terrier mix that I rescued at 4 months old and Skylar is the aforementioned toy poodle failed foster. Skylar is blind and keeps to herself, but Percy is social and likes to be involved. So far, Percy is being the perfect host. Let’s hope things continue on this positive note.


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