2 name changes and a home

Sometimes these rescue dogs come to us with crazy names. It makes you wonder what the previous owner was thinking. I believe in a dignified name. I figure, just like children, a dog will live up to your expectation.

So, this chi-winnie pup came to me with some ridiculous name. I always give these guys a chance to tell me what they want their name to be. This one told me that his name was Dominic. That suited me just fine. He went onto the VIP of Central Florida website as Dominic. We got a response from a charming young man named Nelson, who had recently lost a white female chi-winnie to a domestic split up. When he saw the picture of Dominic, he applied to VIP.

The meet and greet went very well. Nelson and Dominic were a perfect match. They took to each other right away and, as you can tell by the photo, the little chi-winnie had captured Nelson’s heart.

We finished the paperwork and Nelson was about to leave with his new fur baby when he hesitated and said, “There’s just one thing. Would it be okay if I changed his name? I want to name him after my favorite tennis player, Roger Federer.”

I gave Nelson my blessing to name the dog Roger and off they went together as happy as can be. I love happy endings.

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