Picky little eater

Sammy is an owner surrender. He is 7 years old and reported to be a Shi-Zhou /Maltese mix. His owner dropped him off with bags of food and treats, all of which were high in fat, grain, ash and artificial color, therefore, I was not surprised when the vet found that Sammy had bladder stones.

I knew that Sammy was sickly from the moment I brought him home. He refused to anything. Well, anything except the pawTree treats that I feed to my own dogs. Poor Sammy. He lived on pawTreats for four days. Initially he was diagnosed with a bladder infection, but subsequent x-rays revealed the stones. Surgery was done immediately.

He has been home recovering for two days. He has been nibbling a little at special bladder diet canned food, but he still favors his pawTreats.

A healthy diet is so important and Sammy is living proof. Whether healthy or not, we make our own food choices but our pets can not. No matter how WE choose to eat, we own it to our pets to be conscientious about providing them with a diet that is balanced in protein, fruits and vegetables. Even home cooked pet meals are not healthy unless they are balance.

Personally, I rely on pawTree brand foods and supplements because I know that they are providing a balanced meal for my two dogs. My foster dogs benefit too because, like Sammy, they usually come to me overweight or with digestive problems. If they need a supplement, pawTree has that too. Right now I have Sammy on Bladder Support, Percy is on Joint Support and Skylar is on the DigestPro probiotic. I think it is really important to give our pets a chance at the best possible life.

So please, read the label on your current dog food. Compare the ingredients to the pawTree brand food, then make a commitment practice preventative health care through feeding a balanced diet.




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