Always the bridesmaid…

Sometimes no matter how hard you try, things just don’t work out…even for the best of us. You know what I mean. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride? That’s Cash’s story.

Cash is my favorite foster. He is no trouble at all.  He is a 9 year old Shi-Zhou who has the energy of a puppy. He runs and chases a ball. The best part is that Cash is very obedient. He comes when his name is called and stays when he is told to stay. He waits to be invited onto furniture and won’t leave the house unless he is encouraged to come out the door. He loves car rides, belly rubs, baths, chewy toys. There isn’t much that Cash doesn’t like. He’s got personality plus.

Poor Cash. Three times humans have pledged their love for him and three times they let him down. A woman who was quite elderly applied to adopt Cash. He got all excited, but then it was determined that he was too active for someone in a walker. Next, a woman and her young daughter came to see Cash. They held him and walked him and said that he was perfect. The woman began to sign the adoption contract but stopped because her husband didn’t even know that she was looking for a dog.

This week Cash moved into a new home that seemed just perfect, but 24 hours later there was a human health crisis and Cash, the perfect dog, is coming back to me as a foster dog. I’m not complaining. He is an absolute joy. But if I keep him there is no room for future foster dogs and that is what I do best.

You can view Cash’s profile at

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