My menagerie currently consists of Percy (my 8 year old Rat Terrier), Skylar (my 14 year old Toy Poodle) and Charlotte (my 2 year old Congo African Grey Parrot). Percy and Skylar are rescue dogs. Skylar’s came to live with me in 2014 as a foster dog who was in treatment for heartworm. The pooch was so sick that she couldn’t walk, had no hair and had to wear diapers. She also had cataracts in both eyes. When it became apparent that she was not adoptable she became part of the family. Now she has fully recovered and despite being blind, she does the cute poodle prance as she makes her way across the kitchen floor to her bowl. This blog talks about daily life with this collection of pets. It also includes valuable information about nutrition and the care of your dog.
As an Independent petPro with pawTree, my primary concern is about nutrition and  health of your canine fur baby. PawTree offers a unique Superfood Seasoning which supplements your current dog food with the vegetables, berries, and fruits which are essential to a dog’s diet. Information about ingredients and price is available at http://www.pawTree.com/maryzarick


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